Darlene Shepherd - The Timeshare Consultant™

Darlene Shepherd, as “The Timeshare Consultant™,” is a prominent timeshare “insider” and owner advisor with over 16 years in the vacation ownership industry, working inside many of the most prominent timeshare companies in the world.

Darlene’s well respected, positive reputation is upheld through maintaining a strong commitment to honesty and integrity. Her true dedication and credible methods of coaching and guidance have consistently proven successful in helping to meet the varying needs and challenges of timeshare consumers around the world.

In her writing, Darlene conveys her “crusader” mission of delivering valuable information, important considerations, a variety of options, and the true bottom line to help to protect consumers who are wanting out of their timeshares. You’ll welcome her refreshing straightforward and unbiased approach, along with her clear focus on fostering a sharp awareness to readers of timeshare precautions, ploys, and gimmicks.

The Timeshare Consultant’s™ wealth of information is derived from her collective and applied overall industry knowledge, over three years of dedicated research in preparing this book, a compilation of owner testimonials, and her own personal experiences as a timeshare owner. All of these components have strongly supported her ability to provide advanced insights and practical suggestions to timeshare consumers in search of guidance.

Darlene reaffirms in this book that “knowledge is power” by presenting “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of getting out of timeshare. You’ll definitely appreciate this greatly needed transparency that has ultimately helped countless timeshare consumers to feel more informed, safe guarded and empowered.