How Do I Get Out Of or Sell My Timeshare?

Looking to get out of your timeshare?  Before making mistakes that can possibly cost you thousands or prevent a proper transfer, you need to read this book!

“Getting Out of A Timeshare” –A Comprehensive & Precautionary Guide
by Darlene Shepherd, The Timeshare Consultant

Discover this important and eye opening resource for timeshare owners, loaded with crucial insight and valuable tips to help with getting out of an unwanted timeshare.  You don’t have to feel trapped in your timeshare, struggling to unload it, and feel unsure of whom you can trust.  There is hope and help to guide you to successfully and legitimately transfer out of your timeshare without wasting valuable time and money!

This Comprehensive & Precautionary guide will not only provide you with the essential knowledge and protection that you need to get out of your timeshare safely, but also provides suggestions to help overcome the many challenges and pitfalls of selling in today’s difficult timeshare resale marketplace.  Whether you are considering selling, gifting, donating, or simply paying to transfer out of timeshare, take this important first step. Now available on E-book for instant information to help you now!

In “Getting Out of A Timeshare” you’ll be able to…

  • Explore all options and new possibilities for getting out of your timeshare today!
  • Learn new techniques and practical and successful marketing ideas to get buyers to come to you when selling your timeshare
  • Become fully aware of the many Resale Scams & Gimmicks That Can Cost You Thousands to be able to Identify Fraud and Avoid Being Taken in the timeshare resale marketplace
  • Determine if Using a Timeshare Resale Agent is best for you and How to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Timeshare Resale Company
  • Discover what Resale Fundamentals you need to know, from preparations to closing, to protect yourself legally and financially
  • Learn how to use inexpensive Marketing & Advertising Resources available for successfully Selling Timeshare On Your Own
  • Find out about Pursuing a Developer “Buy-Back” or whether you could exercise a Voluntary Surrender or Deed Back to be relieved of your timeshare
  • Review important checklists that will help to ensure that you’re not missing anything to properly list, sell and transfer your timeshare
  • Find out about developer stipulations that could significantly affect the buyer and the transfer of your title or possibly block the sale
  • Gain insight on what’s involved in Donating and Gifting Your Timeshare and what to watch for that you may not have realized
  • Become aware of how Timeshare Relief, Timeshare Exit or Timeshare Transfer Companies could potentially create Fraudulent or Problematic Transfers
  • Learn about other Resale Service Cautions, Caveats and Pitfalls to avoid being taken advantage of or having negative impacts against you
  • Discover Alternative Options to Getting Out of Timeshare, outside of selling, and considerations of the Legal, Tax & Cost Factors that may affect you
  • Find out what you or your heirs can do for Avoiding  Timeshare Inheritance and the financial commitment
  • Pickup a ton of great TIPS, precautions, and useful ideas to help to avoid unnecessary aggravation, time and effort
  • Explore the different types of timeshare closings to find what’s appropriate for you, along with learning the basic documentation and process for a proper timeshare transfer
  • Benefit from the valuable Support, Government Agencies & Resource Guide provided for your convenience and added support

Read the eBook and you’ll be better educated and feel empowered whether selling your timeshare on your own or making wiser decisions in finding the right professional help. Also, having obtained the bottom line facts for consideration of viable alternative options, you’ll feel more enabled to apply the proper discernment and appropriate efforts to separate from your timeshare today.

Save hours of internet research and uncertainty from biased and unknowledgeable sources. Take advantage of this one-stop, straightforward and comprehensive resource. You'll need this heightened awareness and greater protection to help you now! After all… you don’t know what you don’t know!

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