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Getting Out Of A Timeshare Book


Table Of Contents

Evaluating My Timeshare

Timeshare Industry & Personal Perspectives

The Growth & Impact

The Ultimate Problem

What’s My Bottom Line?

Considerations of My Initial Timeshare Purchase

The Emotional Sensibility

The Original Financial “Logic”

The Extra “Incentives”

The Early Satisfaction and Payoff of My Ownership

Can I Get More Out of What I Already Own?

Is There Something I’m Missing?

The Big Picture

Deciding to Give Up My Timeshare

The Economic Impact

Rising Annual Fees

Maintenance Fees & Property Taxes

Special Assessments

Transaction, Membership & Club Fees

Dissatisfaction With Resort Property

Dissatisfaction With Program

Lacking Flexibility and Options

Availability/Exchange Issues

Increasing Requirements for Usage

Change of Lifestyle/Travel Needs

Responsibility/”Burden” of Inheritance

Rentals Available (Without the Commitment)

Exercising a Potential “Out” With Your Timeshare Organization

Early Possibilities

The Right of Rescission

Early Release/Developer Annulment

Pursuing a Developer “Buy-Back”

Voluntary Surrender/Deed Back

“Deed-In-Lieu of Foreclosure”

Deed Back & Foreclosure Caveats

How Do I Go About Selling My Timeshare?

The Resale Fundamentals

Preparations: Supporting Documents & Details

What May Not Transfer In A Resale Transaction

Resale Transaction Preparation Checklist

Selling On Your Own

Marketing & Advertising Resources

What’s My Timeshare Worth?

Creating Value & Advertising to Sell!

Using A Resale Agent & Avoiding Choosing the Wrong One!!

Developer Listing & Brokerage Service

Listing Companies versus Licensed Real Estate Brokers

Choosing a Broker and Type of Listing

Guidelines To Help Select a Reputable Timeshare Resale Broker:

How Resale Service Companies Get Your Information

Resale Scams & Gimmicks That Can Cost You Thousands!!

The Ugly Reality

Identifying Fraud & Avoiding Being Taken!

Upfront Fees

False/Misleading Company Identities & Endorsements

Broker Identity Theft Fraud

Third Party/Partnership Scam

Postcard Companies/Fly-by-night Operations

Fictitious Buyer on Hand

Listing Service Embellishments & Fabrication

Overinflated Selling Price

Refund Of Initial Money Guarantees

Appraisal /CMA Fraud

“Overpayment” Fraud

“Recovered Funds” Fraud

Double Jeopardy /Refund Fraud

Buyout Bait & Switch/Trade Hoax

Offshore Location Scam

Escrow Scam

Legal Assistance/Cancellation Scam/Mortgage Cancellation

Scams Exposed!

Other Resale Service Cautions/Caveats

Contract Stipulations/Terms of Agreement-- “Caveat Emptor” (Buyer Beware)

Omission of Information or Details of Conversation

Costs for Services Rendered

High Fees & Commissions…Limited Work


Alternative Options to Getting Out of Timeshare!

Gifting Your Timeshare

Early Inheritance Joys

Reluctance of Gifting/Receiving

Gifting Caveats

Adding Others To The Deed

Legal, Tax & Cost Factors in Gifting

Basic Steps in Gifting Your Timeshare

Avoiding the Timeshare Inheritance (“Disclaimer Of Interest”)

Donating to Non-Profit/Charitable Organizations

The Basics Behind Donating a Timeshare

Pitfalls with “Donation Companies”

Timeshare Relief/Exit/Transfer Companies--Buyer Beware!

Fear Factor/Scare Tactics

The Fraudulent & Problematic Transfers

Identity/Credibility Issues

Unexpectedly High Costs & False Pretenses

‘Vacation Plan’ Bait & Switch Gimmick

Deceit About Your Status & Origin of YOUR Information

Tricky and Ambiguous Wording

Bait & Switch ‘Vacation Plan’ Gimmick

Verbal Versus Written Promises

Tax Benefit Deception

Non-Compliance Issues

Top Questions to Ask Before Utilizing a Transfer/Relief Service

Title Transfer & Closing Services

Choosing a Title/ Escrow Company

Closing Options

Associated Closing Fees

The 12 Step Closing Process

I’m Out, Now What?

Buying Up?

Timesharing Without the Ownership Commitment

Right-To-Use/Term Lease Timeshares

Rental of Timeshares

Private Rentals

Moving Forward

Support, Agencies & Resource Guide

State and Federal Government Organizations

Industry Organizations


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