Introduction To Getting Out Of A Timeshare

Book Introduction


If you’ve attempted to get out of your timeshare, you probably already know that it can definitely be a frustrating, and often difficult, process. But, regardless of the challenges of the undertaking, positive results still happen for many every day. With the proper steps and know-how, getting out of your timeshare can be a reality for you as well!

There are numerous factors that one has to consider to protect themselves from a personal, legal, and financial standpoint and to get out successfully. Much of which is really necessary to know, yet are important aspects often overlooked in the complicated and multi-faceted timeshare resale marketplace. Especially today, when timeshare consumers are faced with the compounding problems of the market saturation, plummeted prices, and illegitimate scams and gimmicks that further plaque and complicate the selling and transferring processes.

Until now, you may have discovered, there really hasn’t been a comprehensive and unbiased resource that has thoroughly addressed the many challenging issues of getting out of timeshare and how to protect oneself. You could spend hours on end trying to weed through and piece together information on the web about the many facets of advertising, listing, selling and transferring title of a timeshare. One would hope to find insight, simplified solutions, and possibly a few tricks of the trade. Instead, all too often finding biased, limited, and conflicting information that could lead them down the wrong path. In some cases, material posted on the web widely accepted as fact, yet grossly misguiding timeshare users and owners. Or, possibly resulting in them finding out the hard way that what applies for one timeshare company doesn’t always apply for another. And let’s not forget, the all-too-often realization that a hopeful information source is really just another company trying to list your timeshare for sale.

However, “Getting Out of Timeshare” is finally here to provide a one-stop, unbiased source of information on many pertinent and critical timeshare resale topics. As a comprehensive and precautionary guide, it delivers in-depth coverage on crucial factors that many timeshare consumers didn’t know. You’ll find what to expect, how to get out of your timeshare properly, and especially what to avoid and watch out for. For proper awareness, financial and legal protection, and prudent decision making, you’ll really appreciate this guide!

One of the main compelling reasons to write this book came about after speaking with countless timeshare owners over the years attempting to get out of their timeshare. It was quite alarming to discover just how many timeshare owners had been burned on some level or another when attempting to list or sell their timeshare properties; unknowingly dealing with con artists and becoming victims of hoaxes. They often had lost thousands of dollars, while also losing trust and hope. Learning of these disturbing and unfortunate occurrences, and realizing that there was a total lack of awareness and education, helped me to realize the need for this insight and forewarning to others. Wanting to help unsuspecting individuals, merely seeking legitimate help, to not be easy prey for the unscrupulous offenders. You really can’t afford to not read this.

As “The Timeshare Consultant™”, to maintain an unbiased and objective approach, it’s important for me to also address various sides of timeshare ownership opinions, responsibilities, factors and realities. In other words, I not only provide factual information, guidelines, and caveats, but also help to examine somewhat the specific factors, aligning roles, and impact of other parties involved. Dealing with some of the same considerations and challenges that may have led to the notion of you wanting out of your timeshare to begin with. It’s highly possible that a greater overall perspective and sense of both positive and negative realities can help to influence one’s attitude about getting out of their timeshare.

Essentially, what you get out of this guide is dependent on where you are in the process of pursuing getting out of your timeshare and whether you’re looking to find a way out on your own or find the right professionals to help. I’ll help to guide you in your options and apprise you of the pitfalls. Plus, give you plenty of suggestions on how to increase the odds of selling your timeshare and what to consider in the sales process, documentation, closing and final transfer steps.

Perhaps you’re one who may not know where to start with your intent to unload your timeshare and have no clue about the process or looming challenges. Or, maybe you’ve already gone a certain route and now have a fear of doing business with anyone in the timeshare resale marketplace from already being taken. There is unquestionably a large amount of anxiety and uncertainty in the timeshare industry about what course of action to take. Leaving many timeshare owners feeling trapped and discouraged. But, reassuringly, whether you read the full chapters of this book to gain overall insight, or skip directly to specific chapters and checklists, I’m confident that you’ll receive valuable guidance where you need it. Even if you’re well aware of options, this resource may very well provide a new awareness of developer stipulations and caveats. But, better to find out now then after it’s too late. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know!

The bottom line, and my overall intent, is that whatever insight, tips, precautions, reminders or ideas that you receive from this book, you’ll feel educated and equipped to make the next positive move. Ultimately helping you to receive the satisfaction that you’re looking for regarding getting out of your timeshare.


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